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       1 Fees in cash only will be accepted In the bank from 1st to 15th of every month without fine between 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  1. If the Last day for payment of fees happens to be a holiday, fees should be paid on the next day itself between 16th to 30/31th of the same month fee to be accepted with Rs. 20/- Late fine.
  1. After 60 days on non-payment of fees-Name of the student will be struck off the rolls and fees to be accepted with full admission charge of Rs. 800/-
  1. Advance payment of fees will be accepted.
  2. TC. fee of Rs.100/- with the application of withdrawal, of your ward from the school is required.
  3. Students whose fees are in arrears will not be allowed to appear for next exams.
    1. Fees book must be kept with parents or guardians.
    2. One fee book can be issued to one student only. In case of loss of fee book new book may be issued on, double payment.
  1. .
    1. Fees for the month of May and June should be paid in the month of May only.
    2. Fees for the due months of February and March is collected before the Final Examinations.
    3. In any case fees will not be collected in the school office.
  2. All the dues for the Board classes X and XII should be settled in January.





House system has been introduced to foster a sense of team spirit and leadership among the students. General co-curricular activities are organized on the basis of the House system.

The four houses into which the students are divided are AMITY UNITY, SOLIDARITY, FRATERNITY

Each house has its own House Moderator, Captain, Vice Captain and Prefects who are responsible for their own House activities and discipline.



The school has provided the students with a well equipped library.

  1. Only one fiction, or biography or reference book may be taken at a time. Books on fiction and biographies may be kept for a week but reference books are to be returned after 3 days.
  1. Books like encyclopedia, dictionaries, general knowledge books, etc, are to be used in the library only. In case of necessity, these can be borrowed out of the library for a period or a day but not out of the school (Magazines, periodicals and newspapers are on no condition to be taken out of the library).
  2. A fine. of Rs. 1:00 per day will be charged on each book which is not returned on due date. No book will be Issued to any student incurring such a fine until it has been paid.
  3. Each borrower is held responsible for damages of books. So in every case the borrower has to replace the book.
  4. No books may be taken out of the library without the permission of the librarian.





In order to attain high standard, the School intends to maintain some norms in which the maximum co-operation of the parents in imperative. The best of school training is seriously handicapped unless the home plays it role.

  1. Parents are earnestly requested to perusal their child's prospectus and sign the notice and see homework assignment in it. They should see that the child does the homework regularly.
  2. Punctuality and regularity are very important for the development of the child. Parents should therefore send their children to school every day in time, neatly dressed & with books according to the Time-Table.
  3. No half day or temporary leave is allowed. Parents are requested not to approach for half day leave.
  4. Parents and Guardians wishing to meet the teachers will do so before and after class and at interval or with special permission of the Principal and with an appointment.
  5. Complaints and suggestions should be brought directly to the Principal, through the suggestion box or Feedback form.
  6. Parents should not send the child to school if he/she is sick.
  7. Parents are informed that occasional reports and recommendations from teachers are made in the contact report. They are requested to sign them as a proof that they have read them.
  8. Parents are requested to attend regularly the Parent Teacher Meetings.
  9. Mobile Phones are not allowed inside the school Premises
  10. Students without proper vehicle pass, driving license and helmet are not allowed to park their vehicle in the parking area.




Uniform and appearance


All students must wear the prescribed uniform in the school and when representing it outside. The boys should cut their hair regularly so that it never falls below the collar of their shirt, Girls with short hair must comb neatly and must use black hair pins. Girls with long hair must plaint it neatly, Girls cannot, use any fancy clips or hair bands, Any student found with unnatural dyes, will be asked to clean shave his or her head. Their appearance should be neat, clean and pleasant.


Nursery to U. KG.


Boys      -              Red Half Shirt with Blue & Red Cheek Half Paint

Girls       -              Red Half Shirt with Blue & Red Cheek tunic


STD I to X


Boys      -              Half Shirt with white & blue strips, Blue full Trousers

Girls       -              Half blue strips shirt, Blue skirt.




Boys      -              Half Shirt with white & blue strips, Blue full Trousers

Girls       -              Half blue strips shirt, Blue skirt.


Sports Uniform


STD II to XII - T-Shirt according to house and white trousers


STD III to XII -T-Shirt according to house and white skirt with tights


Winter :-           Students must wear only prescribed sweaters (Boys) and (Girls) parents should not send their children

without woolen sweater for STD XI & XII Navy blue blazer with school monogram. All students must wear proper and clean under garments




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